• Michelle Easterly

Storytime Design

The latest trend in interior design has to be "Storytelling Design." A brief description might be "Eclectic Gone Wide." So many of the rules have been tossed out the proverbial window. There will always be the traditional folks that won't mix their metals or refuse to wear white shoes after Labor Day. Pish posh! Storytelling Design takes all your favorite things and mashes them into the best of all styles. Love MCM and a Queen Ann Leg? Art Deco and Bauhaus? Here's how to marry all your design passions without looking like a rummage sale.


Find something in common: You're drawn to the pieces for a reason. Is it the color, texture, form, nostalgia, etc?

Choose Color wisely: Limit colors to 3, pick 2 Complementary colors and 1 Neutral.

And finally: Keep it simple. You're aiming for a sophisticated look, not a hot mess.

As humans, we respond more favorably and attach more strongly to things that move us rather than things that "just work.' Storytelling Design creates an emotional connection. Each piece means something to the owner. Enjoy the space that you have created. After-all, who are we living for? The point of this story is, how to make all of your favorite pieces work together. Follow my guidelines but in the end, fill your home with things that give you comfort and joy!

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